7+ Essentials for a Day at the Beach

Whatever time of year you hit the beach, the basic essentials are going to be the same. But we're throwing in an extra half (for total of 7+) for the snowbirds who come to Fort Myers Beach during the winter months. Pack these 7+ items and you are set for a great day on our gorgeous sandy beach.

1. The RIGHT Kind of Beach Bag

There are so many styles of cool looking beach bags, but the "right" type of bag is roomy, 100% washable, and loaded with pockets. Water resistant cotton, cotton blends, or washable mesh tend to work best. Ditch the vinyl, jute, and straw bags unless you want to live with granules of sand sticking around for years. They look great, but they are hard to get completely clean. You want a sturdy bag that you can not only shake out, but you can also throw in the wash machine. Make sure it has long enough straps so it fits comfortably over your shoulder. This will free your hands up to carry other items.

2. Beach Towels (with a couple EXTRAS)

Beach towels for each person seems obvious, but many people forget to bring a couple of extra towels too. If you get in the water and need to dry off, a wet beach towel is going to hang on to extra sand more than a dry towel. Have a towel to dry off with, as well as separate towel to place on the sand or on your chair for sitting/laying on.  GUEST NOTE: When you stay at Mango Street Inn, we supply your beach towels (and yes, we can give you extra)!

3. Beach Chairs

Even if you like laying across a towel on the white sands of Fort Myers Beach, a beach chair will aid in your comfort throughout the day, enabling you to switch positions, read, enjoy the scenery, and ultimately be more comfortable. Most vacationers don't travel with beach chairs, but many places will rent beach chairs to vacationers. Several souvenir shops also sell discount beach chairs. GUEST NOTE: When you stay at Mango Street Inn, we have Tommy Bahama beach chairs available for your use at no charge. They'll be waiting outside your room each morning!

4. Sunscreen

This is a MUST!  Even if it feels cooler on the beach (winter months) or if it's cloudy, please apply sunscreen regularly. Don't sit on the beach for any length of time without it. Re-apply it every 30 minutes. Nothing will ruin your vacation more quickly than a sunburn. GUEST NOTE: You provide your own sunscreen, but we also have beach umbrellas at the Inn that are available for guest use. If you are sensitive to the sun, take advantage and use one of our umbrellas for added protection.

5. Beach Hat & Sunglasses

Again, added protection from the sun is essential. A floppy beach hat (or a hat with a rim) is important to protect your head, face, and ears from the sun's rays.  If you wear a ball cap instead of a floppy hat, don't forget to put sunscreen on your ears! You also need a decent pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

6. Water-Friendly Shoes

Even if you aren't a swimmer, you may want to take a stroll along the water and get your toes wet! While some people do this barefoot, it's recommended that you wear water-friendly shoes to protect the bottom of your feet from sharp shells, rocks, and even sting-rays. Some people wear rubber flip flops, but these aren't the most stable walking shoes for the beach. Others wear leather or vinyl sandals that can cause blistering when they get wet. At most drug stores (or even at Walmart) you can pick up an inexpensive pair of fabric water shoes with heavy duty rubber bottoms to make your day much more enjoyable!

7. Water, Drinks, & Healthy Snacks

Whether you are out on the beach for just an hour or all day, make sure you pack a cooler with plenty of water. For a day on the beach, a gallon of water per person is a good rule of thumb. At Fort Myers Beach, there are several restaurants and bars on the beach that you can pop in to and cool off, but be aware that alcohol actually dehydrates rather than hydrates, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Remember, glass is not allowed on the beach - pack plastic or aluminum only. There are recycling containers at all beach access points. We also recommend beach-friendly snacks ... healthy foods with little packaging. Oranges, apples, and nuts are all good choices. If you do pack junk food, be sure not to feed it to the birds. It's worse for them than it is for you. GUEST NOTE: When you stay at Mango Street Inn, we have coolers available for guest use at the beach at no charge. Just let us know what size you need!

7+ Beach Cover-Up or Light Hoodie

It's a good idea to pack one any time of year, in case you need to shield yourself from the sun. But in the winter months (hence the +), you'll definitely want to have a light long-sleeve shirt or hoodie with you. During the day, it's generally in the mid-70's and low 80's, but if the wind comes up or an afternoon shower blows through, it can get chilly quickly! You'll thank us if you have one with you when you need it.

Of course there are lots of extras you can pack, like tunes and a good read, your cell phone, sand castle toys, shell bags, and such! We've just covered the must haves in this blog. If you get to the beach with these 7.5 items, you'll have a great day - we promise!

We can't wait to see you!



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