7 Incredibly Interesting Dolphin Facts

There is something purely magical about watching dolphins swim and play in their natural habitat. At Fort Myers Beach you are able to do just that! From our beautiful Inn, located across the street from the beach, you can take a short walk and submerge yourself into the beautiful scenery and watch these magnificent creatures. You can often see them off shore swimming up the beach, as well near the pier around meal time.

To get yourself more acquainted with these incredible mammals for your next trip to the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach, here are 7 fun and interesting facts that you may not know about dolphins: 

1.      Dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror  

You might have heard this before, but dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures. They are even as smart as apes. A dolphin’s brain is similar to the size of the human brain. This means that their brain is about 4-5 times larger than animals similar in size. 
2.      Dolphins are carnivores

Their favorite prey includes fish, squid, octopus, and different crustaceans. A mature dolphin can eat up to 30 or more pounds of fish per day. A dolphin’s stomach is similar to the stomach of a cow. This means that a dolphin actually has two stomachs. One stomach stores the food that the dolphin eats, while the other stomach is where the digestion of that food takes place.
3.      The Killer Whale is a type of dolphin

The Killer Whale is the largest type of dolphin and it can grow up to 30 feet long. There are currently about 43 species of dolphins all over the world. They are mainly located in the shallow areas of tropical and more mild oceans. Killer Whales are typically not seen in the Gulf of Mexico.
4.      One part of a dolphin’s brain is always active

Dolphins sleep by resting one side of their brain at a time. Dolphins have to breathe regularly, but because they can store air in their longs for a period of time, they can sleep under water. Some dolphins can breathe every 30 minutes, while some dolphins need to breathe every 20 seconds. Since dolphins have to breathe while they are sleeping and need to know when to go up for air, one side of their brain is always active.
5.      Dolphins can weigh up to 11 tons

The size of dolphins varies from species to species. The smallest dolphins are as short as 4 feet long, while the longest dolphins can grow up to 30 feet. Their weight varies even more than their length. Dolphins can weigh anywhere between 90 pounds to more than 11 tons. 
6.      Dolphins have their own unique "thumb" print

A dolphin’s dorsal fin is the same as a human’s thumb print. No two dorsal fins are the same. Dorsal fins have their own unique height, shape, thickness, and markings. You can use a dorsal fin on a dolphin to identify them and to tell the dolphins apart. 
7.      A dolphin’s skin is extremely delicate

Because a dolphin’s skin is so delicate, their chance of injury is high. A dolphin’s skin can be injured simply by brushing against a hard surface. While their skin is delicate, dolphins also have very quick recovery times, even with deep wounds. Because of this, dolphins can heal from a deep shark bite that other mammals would die from.
Being just steps from the beach, Mango Street Inn Bed &Breakfast welcomes you to come stay with us and catch a glimpse of these magnificent animals.  Our beach is one of the most beautiful in the world, and along with dolphins, you can see manatees, sea birds, and other native wildlife.  Book your trip now to the best bed and breakfast on Fort Myers Beach. 

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