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7 Incredibly Interesting Dolphin Facts

There is something purely magical about watching dolphins swim and play in their natural habitat. At Fort Myers Beach you are able to do just that! From our beautiful Inn, located across the street from the beach, you can take a short walk and submerge yourself into the beautiful scenery and watch these magnificent creatures. You can often see them off shore swimming up the beach, as well near the pier around meal time. To get yourself more acquainted with these incredible mammals for your next trip to the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach , here are 7 fun and interesting facts that you may not know about dolphins:  1.       Dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror   You might have heard this before, but dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures. They are even as smart as apes. A dolphin’s brain is similar to the size of the human brain. This means that their brain is about 4-5 times larger than animals similar in size.  2.       Dolphins are carnivores

7+ Essentials for a Day at the Beach

Whatever time of year you hit the beach, the basic essentials are going to be the same. But we're throwing in an extra half (for total of 7+) for the snowbirds who come to Fort Myers Beach during the winter months. Pack these 7+ items and you are set for a great day on our gorgeous sandy beach. 1. The RIGHT Kind of Beach Bag There are so many styles of cool looking beach bags, but the "right" type of bag is roomy, 100% washable, and loaded with pockets. Water resistant cotton, cotton blends, or washable mesh tend to work best. Ditch the vinyl, jute, and straw bags unless you want to live with granules of sand sticking around for years. They look great, but they are hard to get completely clean. You want a sturdy bag that you can not only shake out, but you can also throw in the wash machine. Make sure it has long enough straps so it fits comfortably over your shoulder. This will free your hands up to carry other items. 2. Beach Towels (with a couple EXTRAS) B