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Day Trippin' with the Animals at Fort Myers Beach

Everyone loves a good day trip! And hey, when you're staying at Fort Myers Beach at Mango Street Inn, you are centrally located around more great day trip adventures than you can probably handle in a single trip. That means you'll just need to come back 😉.

We know you don't want to read a novel, so we'll divide some of our guest's favorite day trip destinations into three different blogs and categorize them by theme. So for you animal lovers, we suggest you bookmark this one for easy access when planning your travel itinerary for your Fort Myers Beach vacation. Here are SIX guest favorites!
1. Everglades Tours Wildlife abounds in the Everglades and there are several guided tours you can take, from relaxing to adventure seeking. Several tour companies offer airboat tours, where you'll glide across Everglades National Forest viewing alligators, birds, manatees, and more. A few of the tours guarantee you see manatees year round ... in fact, they advertise, "…

7 Fascinating Facts About Sand Dollars

One of the most popular shells at Fort Myers Beach is the Sand Dollar! Live Sand Dollars are plentiful in the waters of Fort Myers Beach and are beautiful too look at during low tide. Locals and tourists alike enjoy walking the beach in the mornings looking for Sand Dollar skeletons (dead Sand Dollars) to add to their shell collections. Because they are so popular, we thought you might enjoy learning a bit more about these lovely sea creatures. When you stay with us at Mango Street Inn, you're sure to see a lot of them!

In this week's blog we highlight 7 fascinating facts you probably never knew about Sand Dollars.

Sand Dollars are a Type of Sea Urchin
Sand Dollars are a type of Sea Urchin, only instead of long pointy spines, Sand Dollars have short spines on the outside of their shells that are covered in very small hairs. They are frequently found together due to their preference for soft bottom areas (convenient for reproduction).Folklore & Legend Represents Sand Dollars …

Explore the Black Island Trail at Lover's Key

If you’re the adventure loving type, then Mango Street Inn (the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach) is where you should stay on your next getaway! Not only are we mere steps from the beach, we are also just a short car ride to the Black Island Trail at Lovers Key State Park. It’s located just south of Fort Myers Beach and just north of Big Hickory Island. The trail offers several activities from hiking to mountain biking, to nature watching and fishing.
The Black Island Trail at Lover's Key is a great daytrip with lots of things to see and do! 

About The Trail
The trail consists of two separate loops and is 2.5 miles long. Both loops follow fingers of land that were once created by dredging. This dredging was done to create more developable waterfront property along Estero Bay. The trail is filled with many coastal scrub plants and tropical hammock habitats.

Helpful hint: there are two shortcuts available on the trial.
The first shortcut is 1.2 miles long and the second is 1.8…

7 Incredibly Interesting Dolphin Facts

There is something purely magical about watching dolphins swim and play in their natural habitat. At Fort Myers Beach you are able to do just that! From our beautiful Inn, located across the street from the beach, you can take a short walk and submerge yourself into the beautiful scenery and watch these magnificent creatures. You can often see them off shore swimming up the beach, as well near the pier around meal time.

To get yourself more acquainted with these incredible mammals for your next trip to the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach, here are 7 fun and interesting facts that you may not know about dolphins: 

1.Dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror

You might have heard this before, but dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures. They are even as smart as apes. A dolphin’s brain is similar to the size of the human brain. This means that their brain is about 4-5 times larger than animals similar in size. 
2.Dolphins are carnivores

Their favorite prey includes fish, …

7+ Essentials for a Day at the Beach

Whatever time of year you hit the beach, the basic essentials are going to be the same. But we're throwing in an extra half (for total of 7+) for the snowbirds who come to Fort Myers Beach during the winter months. Pack these 7+ items and you are set for a great day on our gorgeous sandy beach.
1. The RIGHT Kind of Beach Bag There are so many styles of cool looking beach bags, but the "right" type of bag is roomy, 100% washable, and loaded with pockets. Water resistant cotton, cotton blends, or washable mesh tend to work best. Ditch the vinyl, jute, and straw bags unless you want to live with granules of sand sticking around for years. They look great, but they are hard to get completely clean. You want a sturdy bag that you can not only shake out, but you can also throw in the wash machine. Make sure it has long enough straps so it fits comfortably over your shoulder. This will free your hands up to carry other items.

2. Beach Towels (with a couple EXTRAS) Beach towels …

It's Flip Flop State of Mind ... What to Expect When You Stay at Mango Street Inn

You may as well arrive at Mango Street Inn in a flip flop state of mind!

It's our goal to ensure you have a relaxing vacation when you arrive at our Fort Myers Beach bed & breakfast. Here's just a small taste of what you can expect!

From the moment you arrive, you'll feel right home beginning with the welcome note on your guest suite door!

Sleep in or take an early morning stroll on our beautiful beach and discover the enchanting treasures of the Gulf of Mexico. At low tide, the shells are plentiful and you'll feel like you are walking on water.

You'll start each morning, Monday through Saturday, with an incredible breakfast to fuel you through your day. Dan cooks up a different breakfast daily and each one is better than the next! Most guests sit under the pergola in our common area and enjoy breakfast together, but we are also happy to serve it in your guest suite should you decide to relax indoors or if the weather is inclement.

We supply the beach chairs, b…

Visit Fort Myers Beach, One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

If you have visited Mango Street Inn, the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach, you already know that we have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our white sand, warm waters, and shell filled beach is truly a wonder to behold. Mere footsteps from the Inn, our beautiful beach has been named one of the best beaches in the United States by numerous magazines and travel organizations (even beating out several beaches in Hawaii!).

What you may not know is that we are also surrounded by dozens of other beaches, each with something unique to offer. Mango Street Inn is a short distance from all of them, so when you stay with us, you'll have the opportunity to explore some of these other beauties!

Here are 6 of our Favorites 1. Bowditch Point Park This beautiful beach is located at the North end of the island.  It has shoreline on both the Gulf of Mexico and Matanzas Pass.  This beach has 10 acres of preserved beach area and has trails, gardens, picnic areas, restrooms, …

Sea Turtle Season at Ft. Myers Beach

It's Sea Turtle Season Each year, sea turtle season runs May 1 through October 31 at Fort Myers Beach.  We're fortunate that every year, more and more sea turtles nest right on our beautiful beach, near Mango Street Inn Bed & Breakfast. It is truly a  remarkable sight when you see them.  As with all of our beautiful island creatures, it's important to understand the rituals and challenges of the sea turtle in order to protect them and ensure the hatchlings survive.

Fortunately, the numbers are growing each year. In 2015, Fort Myers Beach had 73 nests total, but last year that number increased to 92. We hope to see even more of an increase this year. Some experts expect that 2017 may be a “generational year.”  Recently, the Island Sand (our local newspaper) interviewed Eve Haverfield. She is the founder of Turtle Time, Inc., the all-volunteer, non-profit group that monitors nesting of globally-endangered sea turtles on Big Hickory Island as well as Bonita, Bunche and F…