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Explore the Black Island Trail at Lover's Key

If you’re the adventure loving type, then Mango Street Inn (the best bed and breakfast in Fort Myers Beach) is where you should stay on your next getaway! Not only are we mere steps from the beach, we are also just a short car ride to the Black Island Trail at Lovers Key State Park. It’s located just south of Fort Myers Beach and just north of Big Hickory Island. The trail offers several activities from hiking to mountain biking, to nature watching and fishing.
The Black Island Trail at Lover's Key is a great daytrip with lots of things to see and do! 

About The Trail
The trail consists of two separate loops and is 2.5 miles long. Both loops follow fingers of land that were once created by dredging. This dredging was done to create more developable waterfront property along Estero Bay. The trail is filled with many coastal scrub plants and tropical hammock habitats.

Helpful hint: there are two shortcuts available on the trial.
The first shortcut is 1.2 miles long and the second is 1.8…